It’s not easy to find the place in Vail for first or second home.

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Vail Fractional Partial Ownership - One Willow Bridge, Four Seasons

Fractional Ownership of a Home

What is Fractional and why should I consider it? Fractional ownership can apply to almost anything – you own part of something rather than all of it.  There are examples of fractional ownership of airplanes, yachts and certainly homes.  There is rumor if not proof that the fractional ownership of home started in Colorado in […]

Single Family Homes

While it may be our preference to live in a house that only includes our family and ours alone, the price of doing so can be much higher than you might expect.  Not only the purchase price, but also the maintenance fees.  Especially in a mountain community. For those that may not be clear, a […]

Vail Real Estate - Duplex

Vail Real Estate | Duplex Homes

Duplex homes are common in the Vail Valley – two separate families on the same piece of property.  Very efficient!  You’ll see them in almost all locations – though not so much in the ‘village’ areas of Vail or Beaver Creek.  You’ll find mostly condominiums and townhomes there. A duplex house is a residence, again […]

Fractional Ownership in Vail